Shredder Lafayette was the second Shredder facility opened in our Colorado community. Located in quickly-growing East Lafayette, this facility includes a variety of zones and features to best serve our customers. Hills of different sizes allow natural skill progression and development. This space facilitates all currently available Shredder programs, including classes, parties, privates, camps, and parents night out.


Features at our Shredder Lafayette facility include:

  • A large slope (11 feet high, 45 feet long)
  • A medium slope (6 feet high, 24 feet long)
  • A small slope (3 feet high, 10 feet long)
  • A Boot-Up Zone and all required equipment (which includes boots, skis/snowboards, and helmets)
  • A backroom (which includes gymnastics mats/forts, inflatable air track, and balance/agility equipment)
  • A lobby seating area and party zone
  • Two bathrooms